"it felt great to have someone checking in, and someone to share grody pre and post labour stuff with."

Elizabeth Taylor


Vahati Vaari Doula Services, LLC

Kyra Brookover, BBCD (in progress)

As your doula, my highest priority is your priority. I believe that you are the expert and steward of your own body. You are capable of having a beautiful birth. My goal is to help you find your inner warrior; your flow, so that you can experience the magic of birth.


Prenatal Visits

Individualized to you

After a free get to know you consultation, we will work together to prepare for the birth of your baby. Through 1-3 prenantal consultations, we will formulate your individual birth plan and coping strategies unique to you.

Birthing Guidance

Comprehensive Support

I provide 24/7 on call support throughout your labor. This includes early labor support by phone as well as in person support throughout active labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum.

Postpartum Support

Ongoing Care

The need for support does not end with delivery. I provide continued support through a postpartum visit, basic lactation support, and a copy of your birth story.


"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear"

Jane Weidman



Kyra Brookover, BBCD (in progress)

Serving Southeast IDAHO


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